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Your home's decor defines your personality.
Professionally made customized furniture will enhance the interior's beauty and style.
Having handmade furniture is the best way to create something unique that encompasses your flare and personality.

At Custom House Furniture, 

  • We create unique custom Australian dining tables. 

  • We create custom dining room furniture in both modern and traditional styles to meet the needs of our customers.

  • You can get a custom Australian dining table in different shapes, sizes, colours and timber choices.

We can deliver your custom piece of furniture across Queensland

We can help guide you with expert advice for your custom timber furniture options to fit the interior of your home.
As skilled furniture makers in Brisbane, we have helped hundreds of people find the best handcrafted furniture with custom dimensions, quality, and colour.

We consider any environmental impacts, so we only use sustainably sourced wood to make each piece of furniture. We love working with recycled timber and our recycled messmate dining tables always come up looking amazing!

Custom Made Dining Tables in Brisbane

Spend your meals with your loved ones at a comfortable and modern dining table. From small dining rooms to large homes, cafes or restaurants, we have a variety of dining room customized furniture to suit your needs. A square, round or large rectangular Australian dining table will be a stylish addition to your space. 

Our custom, designer quality dining tables will help you give your dining room a stylish look. We have you covered from classic Australian dining table to the most modern and inspiring designer dining room furniture. We are known for our handmade timber furniture Brisbane. So feel free to choose your next dining table from one of the most trusted furniture makers Brisbane. 

In an office where productivity and first impressions are crucial to business success, an investment in our customized furniture for the office is guaranteed to improve both.

We understand how time-consuming it can be to discover high-quality furniture that fits your size and style needs.Custom House Furniture is the most trusted and reliable furniture makers Brisbane, handcrafting unique pieces of furniture to customer specifications and  we're excited to help you bring your dreams to reality.



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