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Timber Selection

Handmade Furniture Crafters

The Main Timbers We Use


Messmate is an Australian hardwood with timber varying in colour from pale browns through to light yellows. It has an even, moderately coarse texture with straight grains and features feature beautifully defined rings.

Boardroom Table Recycled Messmate Horses Stables.jpg


Australian blackbutt timber ranges in colour from golden yellow to pale brown, with soft pink elements.
It’s also extremely durable, which makes it perfect for custom made furniture.
It is a very popular timber.

Blackbutt Black Tripod.jpg

American Oak

America’s favourite hardwood is  an Australian hardwood processed in Victoria, handpicked and colour, graded. It is a stunning and importantly, a sustainable hardwood with great availability. American Oak is a blonde timber and perfect for custom furniture

American Oak Australian Dining Table 3000mm x 1400mm


Rosewood or Australian Rose Mahogany is native to NSW and Qld .  Rosewood is known for its fragrant and attractive timber. it is predominately  used for high-grade cabinet work and furniture pieces. It is beautiful timber for furniture making.

Rosewood timber example.jpg


This Australian hardwood takes its name from the fact that it grows
in the alpine areas of Victoria, Tasmania and NSW. It can be from either the  mountain ash or alpine ash tress species..
It is ideal for furniture making.

Victorian Ash Dining Table Cut from a single piece of timber.jpg

Tasmanian Oak

Tasmanian Oak is a prime hardwood timber that includes three species of eucalypts, which grow in the mountainous regions of Tasmania. A light or blonde wood, it varies in colour from straw to reddish-brown with varying shades of cream to pink

Tasmanian oak timber example.jpg

Tasmanian Blackwood

Tasmanian Blackwood comes in a variety of colours ranging from light golden-brown to deep brown with occasional black streaks.The wood grain can be straight or wavy with a natural lustre.It is perfect for furniture makers.

tasmanian blackwood timber example.jpg

Recycled Or

We use recycled pieces of timber to make unique furniture full of character and history.It can be from old homes, barns, sheds, or even railway sleepers.Using reclaimed wood is time staking but very rewarding when you see the results!

recycled timber.jpg
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