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Timber Dining Tables Brisbane

Handmade Furniture Crafters

Just Some Of The  Custom Dining Tables We Have Made

Custom Engineered Stone
Tas Blackwood Timber Loops
Tasmanian Blackwood X legs
Blackbutt X ups
Blackbutt Black Stain 1800mm X leg Crossover
4 Metre 60 Year old recycled Messmate
Blackbutt Black Tripod
Custom Rosewood 2 piece
American Oak 3000mm x 1400mm triple trapezoidal loops
Custom Victorian Ash Desk with Lozenges.
70mm Tasmanian Blackwood 4 Post
Blackbutt Triple X Board Table
Blackbutt Oak Finish Camber Crossover Po
Tasmanian Blackwood Egg
Blackbutt Queen
Blackbutt Breadboard
Blackbutt X Cross round
High Feature Blackbutt X legs
Custom 4 post
Victorian Ash Custom Finish
Blackbutt 4000mm Triple loops
Tasmanian Blackwood White Loops
Victorian Ash Dining Cut from a single p
Tasmanian Blackwood
Blackbutt 4 Leg Angles
The Ant in Blackbutt
2400mm Walnut Tasmanian Oak
Messmate Stainless Water Based
Blackbutt Trapezoid Breadboard
Bruce Wayne's Boardroom Table
Victorian Ash Breadboard I Beam Legs
4 Metre Blackbutt Dining
Tripod in Blackbutt
Blackbutt Boardroom Rectangle
Powder Coated X Victorian Ash
3 Metre Blackbutt Dining
Tasmanian Oak 4000mm
Blackbutt Boardroom
The Egg in Blackbutt
4 Metre Blackbutt Boardroom
Blackbutt Matte White Chunky loops
American Oak Dining
Blackbutt Camber with matching bench sea
Victorian Ash Round lazy Suzan
Custom Blackbutt Outdoor
Victorian Ash in Walnut
High Standing Blackbutt Breakout Table 3600mm
Solid 4 Post Blackbutt - on its way to y
Recycled Messmate White Steel Loops
Mrs Crazylegs
Tasmanian Oak Timber Loops
Mr Squarebear
Oak Stained Blackbutt Boardroom
Tasmanian Oak 2 Metre Round
Tasmanian Blackwood 4 Poster
Recycled Strigybark Timber Loops
Recycled Messmate Side Table
Blackbutt High Feature Round
Tasmanian Oak White Powder Coated
Victorian Ash Heavy Detail Timber
Victorian Ash Heavy Detail
Victorian Ash White Loops Danish Oil
Victorian Ash Dining Setting
Victorian Ash, Danish Oil
Recycled Messmate With X legs
Huge Vic Ash Danish Oil Timber loops
Custom Initial Messmate Dining Table
Raw State Blackbutt Boardroom Table with Matte Black Steel Loops

Solid Timber Dining Tables

We are well-known for producing our one-of-a-kind, handcrafted dining tables in a variety of Australian and imported timbers. Our styles and designs include modern, traditional and a hint of industrial.
We know we can come up with a style and design that you love!
Our furniture makers can create the table of your dreams from a smaller round table up to a 14 seater and above,
Our dining tables are unique and custom designed for you!
We use the timber and frame design chosen by you..
Our table legs can be crafted in timber or steel.
Contact us today for a quote on your custom piece of furniture, 

See our shop page for more dining table designs.


Custom Crafted Table Legs
We can create any style table legs in timber or steel

Large Timber Dining Table With White Steel Loop Legs.jpg
X Legs Blackbutt.JPG
Crazy leg examples.jpg

Contact Us

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Would love to hear from you.
You can call us on 0406 030 721
We can help you choose the design, the type of timber and create something beautiful and functional for your home or office.

Get in touch to make a time to drop into the workshop/showroom in Stafford, Brisbane.
We can arrange transport of your custom furniture throughout Queensland

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