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Custom Made Furniture - Why Is It So Popular?

Many of us dream of owning custom furniture that fits perfectly in our homes. Luckily for us, there are furniture makers in Australia who are happy to work with us to create our own custom furniture.

Many hours of precise work goes into making custom furniture. Ensuring that the timber and design is crafted, and constructed that they should last a lifetime (or longer).

The trend is moving away from inferior, mass-produced products and toward furniture that won't just end up in a landfill, and that's good news for our furniture makers.

When you commission a custom piece of furniture, you are buying in Australia and supporting a small business. Most importantly, you are forming a bond with someone who puts their heart and soul into creating something for your home that is a unique and perfect fit for you.

Reasons why custom furniture is desirable

Custom furniture is a piece of furniture that offers different options to accommodate your preferences, such as a specific colour or wood.

What makes personalised furniture more appealing than the identical pieces you find in stores?

The following advantages of custom and designed furniture explain why many people choose personalized furniture.

Customised furniture is unique

At Custom House Furniture, your furniture is guaranteed to be unique. A custom order means that only you can have that special piece in your home or boardroom.

Well-made pieces of furniture will always stand out in a room. We cater for clients who know what they want and mass produced pieces of furniture are not what they want in their homes.

Your Style Of Furniture

Mass produced furniture is always produced with the general populations taste in mind. Fabrics are usually beige and grey because these shades are considered practical and are the only options that fit any decor style. Furniture pieces are usually available in designs that have been trending for a while and are easy to get sick of. There's little room for unique pieces tailored to your own lifestyle because innovations in furniture take longer to catch on in the mass market due to the high cost of each piece.

Not as expensive or time consuming as you may think

You may think that customisation takes a lot of time, but think about the last time you bought furniture from your favourite online retailer. It took weeks for the goods to arrive, and if something didn't meet your expectations, there was endless stress and hassle. Yet, in the same time, or even less, you can get exactly what you want without getting the run around

And when it comes to cost and skill, we have access to one of Brisbane's leading furniture makers. As a result, you get top quality for your money and completely eliminate the risk of costly mistakes and you will have follow up service with care and advice for your piece of furniture.

A great personalised gift

There's nothing better than giving someone close to you a personalised gift they can use in their home. Small furniture pieces like centre tables or end tables make great gifts for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine's Day or Mother's Day. With their daily usability, they will remind the recipient of you every day. We have also loved building custom desks as surprise gifts when someone has started a new business or renovated their office space.

Better value in the long run

Yes, custom design can be an investment, but the definition of an investment is that it gives you something back. If you own a cherished old chair or a valuable clock that once belonged to your grandparents, you know the value of an heirloom furniture piece. But have you thought about the legacy you're leaving behind?

You are creating something that will be able to be passed down.A beautiful custom dining table or side table are of the highest quality will last unlike mass produced furniture. Furniture creates beautiful memories when you sit at a dining table or walk past the hall table that was a part of your childhood. Having pieces of furniture that have stayed in beautiful condition is something that people treasure. They can be on display and used and not "stuff" that is gathering dust at the back of a cupboard.

Support and promote handicrafts

Supporting artisans, especially Australian artisans who make local products, is important. Many people want to encourage businesses that sell handmade goods to keep the Australian economy going. People are trying to reduce buying cheaply made throw away fashion and furniture falls into this category. Buying custom pieces that will last decades are better for the environment and more cost effective in the long run! Many people enjoy buying custom clothing and bespoke soft furnishings from artists that take pride in their handmade products. Furniture is another way to show your support in talented artisans as furniture making is a skill that is dying out.

Select the stain and wood

The best part about buying custom furniture is you get to choose everything - the design, the size, the shape and the exact timber and timber stain.

Whether you choose Tasmanian oak, Blackbutt or Messmate, you get to choose the species that will accentuate your interior design and last for many years. See more information about timber selection

How to choose and order custom furniture

Once you've decided that a custom furniture piece is what your home and needs, you may be wondering how to get started.

It is as simple as reaching out to Ben at Custom House Furniture and starting a conversation a bout what you have in mind. Once an understanding of what you need and where abouts in your home it will be featured in, Ben can start suggesting designs, sizes and timber selection for you to own the piece of furniture that will be perfect for your home. Contact us here.



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